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Framing Services

framing services

Frame design encompasses so much more than simply putting a frame around your picture so you can hang it on the wall. The size, color, texture, and style all work together to enhance your artwork and to complement your personality and style.

With the right matting and frame, the whole package can become a work of art in and of itself. But care must be taken not to let the design overpower the art, but to enhance and compliment the work itself. This framing package should be a completion of the artists intent.

The Matting

Attractive as well as functional, the matting is a key element in our frame design. The mats chosen should enhance the art by providing the correct size, color, and add depth to the visual experience. Multiple mats can give the framed work a three-dimensional look. Wider mats create breathing space between the art and frame, keeping the frame from overpowering the art. Our mats come in a large array of colors and textures, all which will help the art fit into its surroundings. We do not sell or recommend paper mats, by offering only archival grade mats, we ensure our customers that their art will last for generations.

The Frame

As with the matting, the frame serves multiple purposes, both aesthetically and functionally. It is not only used to provide a means of hanging your art but it lends strength and structure that allows the art to be protected from the environment. Frame styles not only come in a multitude colors , sizes, and textures and can even be combined (stacked) to create fresh new looks that would be impossible to find in a mass produced frame. The sky’s the limit. We do not offer any polystyrene moldings, although they are cheaper and we can sell them for less and still mark them higher. This material does not have the strength to hold the elements in the frame, it can break easily, and is impossible to repair.


Glass is a very important element to the frame package, as it is the barrier that will protect your artwork. All glass is not equal, care must be taken to choose the correct type for your art. Regular glass is the most economical available but it affords no protection other than from flying liquids. It does not protect against harmful UV rays that come from all sources of light both interior and exterior . Prints and photos are the most affected by this light. Oil paintings are the least affected. Today we have a glass that is only slightly more in cost and blocks out 97% of UV light without affecting the clarity of the glass. This product is the default glass in our shop. Both of these items still have the problem of producing glare when viewing the art. Non glare or anti-reflective glass solves this problem but two problems are present with that product. (1) there is very little UV protection. (2) Unless the glass is against the art the glass dulls the colors and the image as a whole. The more mats used multiplies this problem. There are two types of glass that affords both non glare and UV protection. The best product to use on your art is known as Museum Glass, It has 98 % UV protection and only has 1% reflection. Allows 99% of the light coming from the art to be seen. It really only has one drawback, you guessed it, its very expensive. The second best glass is called water white. It has the same features of museum glass but only gives about 50 % UV protection. But, it is about half the cost of museum glass. We have samples of all types that we can lay over your art to help you determine what is best for you.

The Souroundings

While you should certainly consider your room’s décor, care should be taken to avoid matching the framing to the room at the expense of what looks good with the art. Tastes and styles change, and what looked great with that red sofa today may not look so good when you change furniture or hang the art in another location. A good frame design should look at home in virtually any place in the house and will ensure that the art works with any future décor changes done later.


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